Friday, August 21, 2015

Wrap Up

fun in the sun with bill

Fun in the sun

Friday morning, extreme sadness and happiness is in the air. I got up late and got to class late because I didn't sleep much the night before since I was trying Amy best to live in the moment and make as many last memories as I could. I rushed to class and we went straight into presentations my group wasn't the last but it was almost last. I got to sit back and listen and learn about all the cool things my peers learned and studied. Time flew and our presentation finished quickly if felt like we were done before we began.
Food Truck Food

After-lunch Snacks



Bill going 0-100 real quick

Hot Air Bag

Up & Down "just hanging"

Tying a Tie
I finally ate food from a food truck and it was quite good and very cheap. It was really cool because I did it together with my friends and it was the first time for us all. We then ended our last day of class with an amazing presentation filled with experiments that were really quite cool!!! There was a monkey that dropped while it got shot, a house that blew up, a fire extinguisher-powered cart, and bubbles floating on carbon dioxide. It was the best class ever!!! We even had snacks that we couldn't finish. Mary made a lot of backed goodies that were delicious. Before we left we hugged our teachers and our professor and said our goodbyes it was the most amazing class I have taken and by far the most fun one.

My Best Friends @UPenn
We went to eat dinner after class because it was Johnny last evening. We all dressed up and went to bobby's burger palace together. Right after that I went to the last Cherokee night where we sang our hearts out and danced till the night was over. It was one of the saddest summer nights yet since I got really close to my RC and made a lot of great friends during my time at UPenn.

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