Sunday, August 30, 2015

An Unforgetable Moment that Has Forever Changed Me

Coming from such a dark background, I never thought that I would have the chance to travel to so many iconic ivy league schools. In fact,  I never thought that I would travel to even one ivy league. But, with the scholarship provided by the ivy league connection  I got to experience something greater than I ever imagined. 

Like the slogan says, "When opportunity knocks some open the door, while others complain about the noise." I was one of the ones who chose to open the door. The door which lead to a completely surprising part of me. My aspirational side, the side that took a chance despite what my fellow peers were saying. It may have required a solid amount of work but in the end it was worth ut and paid off. 

Going to a school like Kennedy high, I hadn't considered the possibility of attending a liberal arts school. To be totally honest, I didn't even know what a liberal arts based school was. Through the ILC I was able to make a connection with a Liberal arts school. From our tours I learned that liberal arts schools give you a "well-rounded " education when you graduate. Meaning it not only focuses on your field of study it brings in the undergraduate studies too. Unlike a vocational, technical, or professional curriculum. I now feel as though a liberal arts maybe somewhere I apply in the future.

From this experience I gained what I would like to call long lasting friends. No scratch that a new found family.
My extended family!!!
Photo credits: John Hillyer 
I was able to meet people that I would have never been able to meet without the scholarship provided by the Ivy League. For instance, Eli Lesser the Director of Penn Academic Summer Sessions. Or Eric J. Furda the new dean of admissions over at Penn.

If it wasn't for the Ivy League Connection I would have never been able to experience such a character building opportunity. From this "roller coaster" of self discovery, I learned that I am an ambassador for the changing of my community. I hope to be able to encourage my fellow peers to push themselves to try, because they'll never know what opportunity they may have in front of them.  I want to be that push that makes them open the door. Just like the Ivy League Connection opened the door for me to be exposed to a liberal arts school.

Thank you, to Don Gosney, John Hillyer, and all the sponsors and contributors who made this moment possible. I am eternally grateful and will forever remember this moment. It has made an impact on me like nothing I've ever felt. 

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