Friday, August 21, 2015

Goodbye UPenn and Life-long Fiends!!!

I woke up late again and missed some goodbyes. It was fine with me because I said bye to everyone the night before just in case I woke up late. By the time o had woken up my roommate had already left home so I was alone and it felt really weird. I got off the bed and started packing all my things and pitting it in my luggage bag. I was ready to go home to my loved ones. I went to breakfast with all my RC except for Johnny who had left the night before it was a bit lonely without him with us. We came back and one by one everyone left. The time we agreed to meet outside the quad came and I went outside where we turned in our keys and waited for John. I talked to some friends that hadn't left yet for a couple of minutes before we left.

John came on time and we got on the shuttle we were all used to it so it felt normal and it went by fast, we got to the airport went through the check in and though security. We had a lot of time before our flight so we ate a really good breakfast and went exploring around the airport. I bought some gifts for my little sister and my friend Saul and went to sit down and catch up with my favorite anime series. we got on the plane and I sat with a stranger and john. The flight was pretty awkward till the end when we all talked about how hot phoenix is. We landed at phoenix where we ate lunch and john put some movies into my flash drive so that I could watch them on the flight to Oakland. We had almost an hour left till our flight after we finished lunch so I charged the laptop and my phone so that I could watch the whole movie on the flight to Oakland. We took flight and I watched a movie about drumming that took the whole time so the flight home was a non-boring success.

Finally home! we arrived at Oakland and the weather was great! it was cloudy and late already but it was awesome nonetheless. We waited a while for our luggage. The whole time I couldn't stop thinking about my family and my girlfriend and how much I missed them. I watched Anime on the shuttle ride to EC. We got to EC and got instructions from Don and went on our way home. It was the weekend of my baby sister's birthday so we went to my uncles house to cut a cake for her and eat carne asada, I had missed my mother's cooking the most. I was extemely tired by the end of dinner so I fell asleep on the ouch and somehow woke up in bed the next morning it all felt like a long amazing wonderful dream. BEST SUMMER YET!!!

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