Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Game of My Life

Today, there was a baseball game and a mall trip and because I did a mall trip last time I decided to sign up for the baseball game. Plus, it was my first.

Sign-ups were last Wednesday, so it was easy for me to go and put my name on a paper saying I wanted to attend an event. This morning when I woke up feeling the exact opposite of how I felt at first. I didn't want to go to the game at all, I was tired and wanted a day to rest.  But, I decided to suck it up and go. Which was a really good idea in some aspects. One of the aspects of the goodness was that I got to spend time with my friends, the ones I came with and the ones I gained. One of the not so good things were the seats we had and the temperature.  We had seats that were really high up an it was 98 degrees.  Luckily, the R.C's had sunscreen available upon request.

When the game started, I was sitting there really excited. I looked over at Joanne,Chiamaka and Justeen who looked just as excited as I was. When the first player stepped up to bat I just knew that it was going to be a home run or a three run score. Sadly, I was wrong it was a single run score and he got out.

After, sitting in the heat for a while  decided to go down to the concessions area to get out of the sun. Yet, that didn't really even help me escape the heat. Although, I was able to meet a Philly native through Jun, who had been sitting with the woman for awhile. She was very nice and told us a lot about the badluck of the Phillies and the heat.

Talking to her and Jun made the time for the game to be over go by pretty fast. By the time it was time to go I was so tired. But, overall it was a very nice and full day. Although, the Phillies didn't win the game they played well.

I had a great time with the Summer Discovery staff, my cohort, and my newly found friends. I just wished the Phillies could have one though.

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