Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Time With The ILC!

My time with the ILC was even better than what I had hoped for. Everyone in the ILC that I had the honor to meet and speak with is very nice and supportive as well as polite. From the time I met Don my freshman year to when I saw him after we came back from UPenn he has been extremely supportive and understanding. Everyone I met at the first dinner was wonderful and that is the first time my expectations were shattered. It was an amazing experience where we got to talk about UPenn and got support from Alumni, that by the way were not suck up at all, they were polite, nice, and had great advice for us that helped me get through my summer at UPenn and were very useful. My Chaperone was an amazing wonderful person as well as teacher. He was very responsible but he was also very flexible so that ensured our safety but never compromised the fun we had every day we spent with him. The board was also very polite and supportive. everyone I met during my summer either from ILC or UPenn were amazing wonderful people you can connect with one way or another.

The ILC wasn't just filled with wonderful amazing people it also gave us much support that a lot of us need. They provided me with a laptop and many other things I needed for my trip to UPenn and my time there. they even lent me bed sheets since I didn't have the right size for the mattress at UPenn. They gave us all a sweatshirt that looks amazing, due to the fact that you pick the one you want! to me that was wonderful news since I have weird taste. I really can't think of any bad experiences I had with the ILC. The ILC is great and I am sure that any student that gets in will absolutely love it.

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