Thursday, August 27, 2015

GoodByes and Great Sighs

Today, was the last day of class it was a very bittersweet moment. It began in an odd way, it was odd because Professor Lamas started class with a sad introduction. He began by telling us that his aunt had passed and he was really sad about that along with the fact that this was the last time he would see us. When he said those words, it touched my heart, because I have never met a teacher who became so invested in their students in such a short time.

He told us that he wanted us to go around the room and say a few words about the word we put on the board the first day of class . The word I put on the board was fairness because I felt like it described social justice. But I learned that there is so much more to social justice than that. And there are even more social justice issues than what meets the eye. When it came around to me , I simply said how grateful I was to be able to learn so much about social justice with all of my amazing peers. I also said, that in the beginning of the class I thought fairness was just treating a woman the same as a man was treated in the workplace.  But, through the course of the three weeks I learned that fairness is right any person should be able to attain regardless of their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or life circumstances, etc.

After, we finished sharing Professor Lamas dismissed us for lunch. At lunch, I knew exactly where I was going and that was to the Love statue. The reason I headed over there was because a couple of my classmates were doing a demonstration.  The demonstration was about mass incarceration, and racism. It was poetry and spoken word with interpretive dance. I was really excited to see it because I had helped one of my peers practice it the night before. And I knew that it was going to come alive because it was really passionate.  All of them were. The demonstration had a captive audience of not only our classmates, but random passers had stopped to listen to what these three young girls had to say. When it was finished, I went and got my lunch and headed back to McNeil to eat in the lounge.

When the class had started again, I noticed that the desk were no longer in a circle, but split into two sections on either side of the room facing the back of the class. I took my seat as did everyone and then Professor Lamas began to present a performer named Jose. Jose was a tribal musician. I believed he performed three songs, I wasn't exactly sure when the ended because he just changed instruments and maybe paused for five to ten seconds.  

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