Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ocean City

Today, there was a beach trip. The beach we went to was famous for being a reality television show that aired on MTV. The Jersey shore was where went. It was a 2 hour drive there and we left 9:30 a.m.  The drive there was so boring, but it was sort of funny too. It was funny because the DVD player wasn't working, but it was boring because we couldn't watch the movie. The movie we tried to watch was Captain America Age of Ultron. That was was standingcool but, I hadn't watched the first one all the way so I knew I'd be lost.

The person I sat next to was Chiamaka which was really cool, although all we did was sleep just like everyone else on the way there. I woke up maybe thirty minutes before we got to Ocean City and just watched the traffic pass the bus by.  Long before that, one of the resident counselors decided to give up on the movie.

When we got off the bus , Chiamaka and I decided to wait for everyone. Everyone meaning, Justeen, Joanne, and Jun. The only thing was that Joanne had gotten there before all of us and Jun and Justeen were walking towards us as we made a path for people to walk by.

The first place we went was to the flash-point with our resident counselors. Right after that, they let us roam freely between the 6Th and 12th street on the boardwalk. Which may sound like a small amount of area, yet it was actually quite a bit.  The same rules applied for swimming.

Next, we established how much either of us wanted to get into the water and when everyone said they didn't want to we made our way down the boardwalk. All we did was look at was on the side we were on before we purchased anything or decided what we wanted to do. We made exceptions on the food, though.

We walked for a while and then stopped in one of the amusement parks. This park in particular was very nice, for small children. We almost purchased tickets from there because we had yet to find out exactly where the other amusement park was.  It was really strange because Justeen, Jun, and I were standing near one of the rides talking about what we should in the case of buying tickets or not. And then, a woman and her husband come up to us and hand us a bunch of tickets and say "Here you guys go, now you can ride a bunch of rides. This isn't happening for him today." I'm assuming that their young son was in trouble or not in the mood and they overheard our conversation.  When Joanne and Chiamaka came back and we told then what happened and they were excited. In total she gave us 14 tickets which was a pretty good amount but there was 5 of us and most rides ranged between 3-6 tickets.

Although, we had all of those tickets we decided to head over to the other amusement park we found out about from one of the workers. This park just so happened to be on 10th street. At first we walked right passed it because it was perfectly tucked away between two large buildings.

When we got to the ticket booth we decided to all put in money to buy some tickets so we could ride the rides. The first ride I noticed was called the Airplane, it seemed to be what everybody (except Jun and I ) were looking for.  It was fast, scary, dizzining and I was horrified.

Other than the horrifying rides and the heat I had an amazing time at Ocean city with my friends. After, we had rode serveral rides we went back to the flashpoint and then loaded into the bus. I would love to go again someday to take a nice swim in the water. It was beautiful.

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