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Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Start of Something New

I began my the small yet necessary steps on my journey to the University of Pennsylvania today. I experienced my first tutorial and to be honest I was a little anxious because it was the proof that I have actually gotten this far. I'm actually still shocked that I am even receiving the chance to participate in something as big as the ILC.

When I entered the campus I was slightly awed at how beautiful the landscape was, because it was my first time at De Anza High. As I walked through the gate leading to the tutorial room I can remember the spine tingling breeze that flowed throughout the area.
A beautiful campus
I then reached the tutorial room which was nearly full, luckily there were still some seats. I chose a seat near the door which was probably the worst choice I made on account of the breeze outside.

The bad thing about sitting near the door was the chilling breeze that came through. The upside was that I got to meet two ILCers, Gwennie and Deborah. They were two very nice young ladies. I also got to talk to many of the other ILCers but if I named every person I spoke with, the list would be really long.

I had the courtesy of talking to two of the girls in my cohort also. I talked to Chiamaka and Joanne for some time before we started.

Right before we started I logged onto the computer using the log in information provided. This turned into a minor frustrating ordeal when many of us tried to go on the sites we were to use. At one point in the session I can recall logging onto three different computers before my original even began to work. Fortunately, the issue was corrected before the session was over.

At 9:10 AM, Don let us take a 10 minute break. During the break two young men (ILCers) who are apart of a computer academy at De Anza tried to figure out what was wrong and now to fix it. While on my break I mingled with a lot of nice new people.


At about 10:00 AM, Don asked us to take a couple of pictures to post on the practice blog. I may not be the best or most creative photographer but I do believe I can take some really good pictures. One thing I do know is that with more picture taking experience I will be able to take great ones.

Pictures and Mingling Time
We finished taking our pictures in about 30 minutes. After we finished that Don asked us to upload them onto and of course we had Internet issues. The problems didn't last as long as before. When I completed my upload I could not believe all the fantastic pictures everyone took.

In the end, I actually had a lot of fun and  am very excited about the many more events to come. I know that this was just the beginning!!!!!!
Deborah's stick rendition of the Ivy League 

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