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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ivy League Part 2

This morning marked my first milestone for the Ivy League connections...again. I am so lucky to be able to participate in the Ivy League Connections this year. Last summer, I was a part of the Vanderbilt cohort and this summer I will be joining the University of Pennsylvania cohort.

I was a part of the morning session for the tutorial today. During the tutorial, we started out by introducing ourselves then went right into how to blog. Most of the tutorial served as a memory refresher on the do's and don'ts of blogging. This time around I will definitely remember the little details on how to make the blog as appealing as possible. I'll strive to make my photos interesting and my words even more interesting
Thao and Alyanna jumping for joy
never too early for window selfies
Unfortunately the tutorial didn't go altogether too smoothly. There was a period of time when the district WiFi was down and we were not able to access the blog sites. Nevertheless, everyone was comfortable enough to socialize and get to know each other. I was able to have a nice conversation with Gwennie, a previous Penn cohort member (she's going to Vanderbilt this summer) and it was great to be able to share stories with her about my summer at Vanderbilt, and she was able to share stories about her summer at Penn. 

All in all the tutorial was enlightening and it furthered my excitement for my upcoming summer. Thanks to Don for bringing us all together this morning and for all his hard work. 

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